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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Adventures of a Tree

Once upon a time, there was a big and beautiful garden. It was full of lovely plants and sweet-smelling flowers. One tree, large and strong, stood in the middle of the garden, giving shade to the budding blossoms below. Tiny ants and caterpillars made their way through the green leaves, as whirring ladybugs, buzzing bees and flittering butterflies flew above.

A crystal clear stream flowed through the garden, which helped the many things to grow strong and flourish. This was a special stream, because any plants that drew the stream’s water into their roots, and any insect or creature that drank from the magical stream would be able to communicate with each other. At first glance, the garden looked like any other. Yet if you were to step into the garden and listen closely, you would hear whispers, and even an occasional giggle; for the stream had made it a magical garden, with talking flowers, plants, and the many insects that made the garden their home.

More to come................

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  1. Great writing skills the kids will love your books. I wish you the best in your children's books success.


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